Why Wavework by PlatForce?

Premium Seating represents more than 15% of seat inventory across professional sports in North America and generates up to 40% of a club’s total seat revenue… Premium seating generates more than $7.3 billion across the five major pro leagues currently each year.

What is Wavework by PlatForce?

Wavework helps teams, leagues, and venues to modernize and simplify the premium customer experience. Wavework streamlines the experience management process into a one-stop hub for greater efficiency, increased engagement, and a unique opportunity to drive revenue and retention. Wavework is an award-winning software platform, built on 20 years’ industry experience.

Wavework by PlatForce Benefits

  • Premium Customer Relationship and Experience Segmentation
  • Easily Manage Gameday And Other Event Ticketing, Parking, Offers, Merchandise and more
  • Connect and Collect Customer, Guest, Account Manager Communication and Data

What Customers Are Saying

“Wavework enabled us to implement premium service offerings to communicate efficiently with VIP clientele. That allowed us to anticipate needs, deliver more personalization, and maintain our high standards.”

“Our premium teams are seeing the benefits everyday”

Bree Oslin
Director. Premium Service & Operations, Minnesota Wild